Selected Graduate Coursework


"The Syntax of pro-drop languages" with Grant Goodall
"Introduction to Grammatical Theory II" with Grant Goodall
"Introduction to Grammatical Theory I" with John Moore
"Locality in Syntax" with Tully Thibeau
"Minimalism" with Tully Thibeau


"Event Semantics" with Rebekah Baglini
"Semantic Development" with Ivano Caponigro and David Barner
"Wh-words and Wh-Constructions across Languages" with Ivano Caponigro
"Number Systems Across Languages" with Leora Bar-el
"Tense and Aspect Systems" with Leora Bar-el


"Phonological Typology" with Sharon Rose
"Non-linear Phonology" with Sharon Rose
"Phonetics" with Amalia Arvaniti


"Computational Corpus Linguistics" with Robert Malouf
"Fieldword: Mixtec" with Gabriela Caballero
"Field Methods: Mixtec" with Gabriela Caballero

Brain and Biology

"Language Representation in the Brain" with Robert Kluender
"Language Evolution" with Robert Kluender
"Current Topics in Anthropogeny" with Pascal Gagneux.
"Behavior and Evolution" with Douglas Emlen.


"Language Universals and Typology" with Irene Appelbaum
"Comparative Historical Linguistics" with Irene Appelbaum