What is it?

AndyLab is part of the Department of Linguistics at UCSD, and is supervised by Andy Kehler. It serves three primary purposes:

  • Computational linguistics research: Students specializing in computational linguistics take advantage of the lab facilities in pursuing their research.
  • Psycholinguistics research: Reading time and web-based psycholinguistic experiments are also carried out in the lab.
  • Empirical grounding of linguistic theory: Students who wish to ground their linguistic theories though empirical investigations using natural language corpora are encouraged to use the lab facilities for this purpose.

  • Machines: The lab currently houses six Linux machines, one Windows machine, and one Mac.
  • Data: The lab has a large set of natural language corpora, both annotated and unannotated, in text, speech, and database form, and in a variety of natural languages. Search tools are also available (e.g., tgrep).



  • Alex Simma (now a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley)
  • Karen Tanenbaum