Research Projects

My dissertation is a comparative study of three Spanish varieties: Argentinean, Mexican and European Spanish. I'm investigating the phenomenon of violations of Sequence of Tense in the subjunctive in the three dialects with special focus on Argentina. I use quantitative methods and show that the Argentinean subjunctive system is qualitatively different and that the present subjunctive has become tenseless. I'm using corpora as well as experimental tasks for the collection of data.

The Relationship between Age of Acquisition and Language Adult Variation
In this project I'm looking at structures that are acquired at different ages to test the hypothesis that a structure that is acquired late will exhibit variability in adult language.

Clitic Variability
I'm also working on variation in Spanish clitics. In particular, I'm studying Clitic Doubling Constructions (CDC) in which the singular dative clitic le is doubled with a plural NP.